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Continued Proven Track Record

We value our proven track record by making sure every customer has a positive experience with us.
Our records and verifications are available upon request.

Department of Energy
US Army Corps of Engineers
Consol Energy
Philips Lighting
Cardinal - Virginia Concrete
SKF Pulp Recycling
International Coal Groups / Arch Coal
American Bituminous Power
American Fence
Anker Energy
CBP Engineering
Lagonda Machine
Cumberland Coal
E-Systems Maintenance, Inc.
Emerald Coal Resources
Florida Rock
Fiber Tec of WV, LLC
Glenn Enterprises
Goodman Conveyor
Greene Energy
Lehigh Cement Co.
I.C.G. / Wolf Run Mine
Waste Management
Newington Concrete
PCM Industrial Services
Powell Construction
DTE Coal Services
R&D Coal Services
Ragnar Benson
Rag Emerald Resources
Stingray Energy
Sitler & Lemmon
TCS Materials
S&G Concrete
Vulcan Construction
Weyerhauser Co.
Wilson Restoration